Session one: A Holistic Approach to Managing your Floodplain

The majority of Pennsylvania municipalities have a floodplain with which comes municipal responsibility under Pennsylvania state law and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Municipalities are required to manage development in the floodplain as prescribed by law. This program will provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the municipality and describe best management practices for an effective floodplain management program that goes beyond simply regulating development in the floodplain.

Session two: Reducing your Vulnerability through Hazard Mitigation

All municipalities are vulnerable to a wide-range of both natural and man-made hazards. Understanding the scope of these hazards will help determine possible actions that can be taken to minimize exposure. Evaluating risk and identifying resources to deal with potential hazards is vital to being able to best protect the health, safety and welfare of a local government’s citizenry and business community. This session will look at how to start the evaluation and assessment process, the first step in creating a safer community.

Session three: Charting an Implementable Course Forward Using The Comprehensive Plan                                        

Pennsylvania’s municipalities have long been preparing Comprehensive Plans but many are still struggling with planning issues arising from unforeseen changes or issues not addressed within the Plan.  The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code provides municipal governments the authorization to develop comprehensive plans but they can only be effective if they are truly comprehensive and if they are implementable. This session will review ways for municipalities to get the most out of the comprehensive planning process which will allow them to develop a solid road map that if followed, will allow leaders to provide their communities with well-planned managed growth for years to come.

Session four: Stormwater and MS4 – Why and How Pennsylvania Municipalities are Implementing their Roles and Responsibilities

The stormwater requirements of the federal Clean Water Act and state regulations are administered under the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. This session will provide an introductory overview of applicable requirements, with a focus on the MS4 (Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System) program. It will describe the roles and responsibilities of municipal leaders to implement stormwater management practices in Pennsylvania, including an overview of MS4 requirements and timelines for implementation. The presentation will also discuss how local leaders have developed creative strategies to tackle stormwater issues by sharing regional resources to plan and implement programs focused on improving local water quality and residents’ quality of life.


All PA MATC sessions include online course assignments and interactive discussions, plus online presentations by qualified instructors.

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The Planning course will offer four weekly sessions over the period of one month.