The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including: Finance, Technology, Communications, Labor Relations and Planning. Each school term is run over six consecutive months. During the school term, five distinct courses will be held, covering different subjects. Each course will offer four weekly sessions over the period of one month.

The first session of the term will be a program kick-off session held in Harrisburg and the last session of the term will be an in-person commencement ceremony, also to be held in Harrisburg. All other sessions will be offered through virtual training methods such as webinars and webcasts.

The sessions include online course assignments and interactive discussions, plus online presentations by qualified instructors. Each course covers technical material facilitated by a subject matter specialist. The sessions include one (1) hour of instruction and one-half (1/2) hour of question and answer/group discussion. At the end of each session, participants will understand how the subject matter applies to their professional lives and will have the opportunity to use what they learned in their work through experiential exercises/assignments each week.