Greg Primm. Instructor

Greg Primm
Finance Instructor

Mr. Primm is currently the Township Manager of Allegheny Township, Leechburg, Pennsylvania. As the Chief Executive Officer, he manages a $3.3 million operation with 23 full-time and part-time employees for Police, Public Works, Planning and Zoning, and Tax and Administration. Mr. Primm is responsible for policy formulation and implementation, labor negotiations, human resources, contracts, risk management, financial and capital planning, public relations, and all account and fiscal needs of the township.

Mr. Primm serves as a Private Professional Municipal Consultant to various municipalities. He advised and conducted hiring practices, managed searches for local government entities including preparation of advertisements in professional publications and newspapers, developed time lines for filling positions, prepared professional job descriptions based on interviews with local officials, developed interview questions applicable to the position and in accordance to the Fair Labor Standards Act and other applicable laws, conducted interviews at the request of clients, and made recommendations for filling the management positions advertised. 

Previously, Mr. Primm served as Township Manager of Penn Township in Butler, Pennsylvania and Borough Manager of Falls Creek Borough, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Political Science-State and Local Government. He was the recipient of the 2010 Joseph A. James Memorial Excellence in Local Government Award, presented by the Southwest Pennsylvania Commission (SPC) at their annual retreat in Farmington, PA.