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Technology: Session 2

Unleash the Power of Community Branding

When you think about branding, the first things that probably come to mind are prominent logos, catchy jingles or animated characters that have been developed by the corporate world to sell shoes, fast food or insurance policies. However, branding goes well beyond these elements. This session will introduce you to a different way to think about “branding”, that is a way of representing your community in a positive and effective manner to its residents and business partners. The process of developing a brand will require an introspective look at your government operations and your entire customer experience, while working toward developing a community identity. This brand development process will also help you recognize ways to connect to your municipality through tools that are already available like your municipal website and digital marketing. A strong brand will boost your community’s image and provide an opportunity to enhance your customer service and engagement.

Instructor: Dave Maday

Earlier Event: July 3
Technology: Session 2
Later Event: July 17
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