The Governor’s Center for Local Government Services (GCLGS) is dedicated to providing valuable online and in-class training opportunities to enrich local government operations in PA.

The GCLGS trains local government officials through the PA Municipal Administration Training Center, which is a strategic and collaborative initiative with the Pennsylvania Municipal League (PML).

The courses are designed to support and encourage individual professional development of municipal officials. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including: Fiscal, Technology, Grant Management, Communications, Human Resources, Collective Bargaining, Community Demographics and Leadership.

Knowledge and skills gained at the PA Municipal Administration Training Center will enhance the quality of governance throughout the Commonwealth. More importantly, it will strengthen our communities.

Municipalities Served

The PA Municipal Administration Training Center serves all municipalities within the Commonwealth. Tuition is required to be paid upon registration for all applicants, but will be refunded upon completion of the program for applicants from Act 47 and Early Intervention Program (EIP) communities. 

Act 47, or the Municipalities Financial Recovery Act, was enacted in 1987 and granted the Department of Community and Economic Development the responsibility of ensuring that municipalities under severe financial distress could provide adequate health, safety, and welfare to their citizens.

In 2014, Act 47 was amended to include the Early Intervention Program (EIP). The EIP was established to help identify municipalities displaying early signs of financial distress, and it afforded the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) the ability to be able to provide training and financial assistance to these municipalities; assistance that could prove essential in the struggle to prevent further financial distress and that could help communities regain financial stability.